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Dale Buys

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4 years



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Certified Breath Coach - RYT 200 hour/Yoga Alliance - Level 1 Reiki

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4 Week Breath Coaching

Yoga Breathing (also known as Pranayama) is a safe and fast way to relieve stress, boost digestion, balance your energy, and improve sleep. Yoga breathing is a safe and natural way to quickly affect your autonomic nervous system. Most of us are stuck on autopilot, and we're getting bounced around by our environment leaving us feeling wired but tired, imbalanced, and frazzled. Yoga breathing offers many of the same benefits as meditation, but it's easier to learn, can be practiced anywhere, and the results are very predictable. No experience of any kind is needed. I take a very simple, science-based approach that is effective for everyone. I am a Certified YOGABODY Breath Coach. We use ancient yoga breathing practices informed by modern science to provide safe, practical exercises that deliver immediate results. * 1 month program / 4 sessions 
 * 30 min weekly session (in person or Zoom) 
 * 3x 5 minute daily practice homework

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