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Sourdough Workshop by Mooon Bread

Sat, Jul 20 路 9:00 AM MST

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Ages 2-12

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5.0(1) Utah

Lupine Loop - Gentle Hike with Incredible Views

Come and do this fun loop that has a variety of wildlife and views. The loop takes an hour or so, and we can pause for a meditation and snack in the meadow. You'll catch breathtaking views of the Salt Lake Valley, of Lone Peak, and will likely see a variety of wildlife. Deer and turkeys are the stars, but there are heaps of other creatures, too.

Sat, Jul 20 路 5:30 AM MST see more

STARTING AT    $14.99
5.0(1) Utah

Smoothie Workshop by Whirled Juice

Come make smoothies and smoothie bowls together. Whirled Juice began as an idea of taking the smoothie from the US to Japan, but now has a broader vision of equipping all households to be able to craft healthy, nutritious, and most delicious smoothies and smoothie bowls right from home. After intros, we'll use the first half hour to discuss our background with smoothies and personal flavour combo favorites. Each guest is welcome to bring any ingredients or toppings they'd like to share with the group (e.g. bee pollen). We'll discuss some of the ingredient combos available for the day. For the next 45 minutes, we'll work on blending and then decorating our bowls. We'll also touch a bit on presentation and food photography. The final minutes of class we'll be relaxing while we enjoy our creations as we take in some music and scenery. Each guest will leave with a new level of wonder for natural and raw ingredients, from fruits and vegetables, to nuts and berries.

Mon, Jul 22 路 6:00 PM MST see more



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5.0(1) Utah

Second Chance Dance

Want to taste unique bites made by local chefs while helping to make an impact? Then join us for our third annual Second Chance Dance to sample creative unique bites made with rescued food by six chefs from some of your favorite local restaurants. Think mystery box on the show CHOPPED! The best part is your ticket price makes a positive social impact by raising funds for Waste Less Solutions to help us prevent and divert food waste in Utah, and get it to those who are food insecure. Living up to our name, this event will be 'waste less', using reusable glasses and plates, recycling any uneaten food, and our dress theme for the evening is vintage, thrifted or well worn. During the night, you'll be entertained by our MC (a local celebrity :) and our DJ so you can dance it up all night long on the dance floor. Or just listen to some good tunes and check out the sustainable auction.

Mon, Aug 26 路 6:00 PM MST see more

0.0(0) Montana

Montana Bikepacking Wellness Retreat

A beautiful, mostly unpaved route traversing the Continental Divide will take us from camp to camp on a clockwise loop in the mountains above Montana鈥檚 capital town of Helena. With ponderosa forests, cold mountain lakes and alpine meadows for our pure enjoyment, we鈥檒l cross the country on bikes while our camp gear is 鈥榤agically鈥 transported in rigs. Feeling accomplished from a day on the bike, tummies satisfied with a nourishing meal, we鈥檒l dive into collaborative discussions and guided workshops centered on themes around leadership, nervous system regulation, and lifestyle. The mission of the retreat is three-fold: 鈥 Experience a healthy, enlivening trip on our bikes. 鈥 Cultivate and sharpen our leadership and self regulation skills. 鈥 Enjoy precious time well spent in nature. We will reconnect with meaningful aspects of life: starting first with understanding ourselves, then understanding the people around us, and once more the world around us.

Wed, Aug 7 路 8:00 PM MST see more

0.0(0) Berlin

Online Interactive Smoothie and Ice-cream Making Workshop

Interactive Virtual Smoothie and Ice-cream Making Class to Beat the Summer Heat! This summer, chill with your teams with our interactive online Smoothie and Ice Cream Making Workshop to break the ice with your colleagues. Choose to make refreshing Smoothie and Ice-creams with your teams. Pick from our menu: - Mango-Passion Smoothie 鈥 A tropical fusion bursting with mango and passion fruit flavors - Strawberry-Vanilla Smoothie 鈥 Enjoy a burst of summer sweetness with our Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie - Cacao-Date Smoothie 鈥 Rich cacao combined with sweet dates for a decadent treat - Fig Smoothie 鈥 Transport your team to a tropical paradise with our Fig Smoothie - Classic Chocolate Ice-cream 鈥 Rich and creamy chocolate indulgence for chocolate lovers - Vanilla Ice-cream 鈥 Smooth and velvety vanilla to brighten up your day - Strawberry Ice-cream 鈥 Fresh strawberries make a classic delightful pink treat

Mon, Jul 22 路 12:00 AM EST see more

5.0(1) USA

The Crew Patch

Collect your 1st EXPLORINGNOTBORING patch! Every new ENB patch represents an achievement. This patch is for living BOLDLY! For daring to be authentic, you black sheep, you. For seeking the less ordinary, excitement and wonder. For seeing the world, not for what it is, but what it can be. So, slap your new sticker somewhere meaningful. You've earned it. Where will you place your patch? Take a photo and share it with us on Instagram using #exploringnotboring Or don't. That's cool too! Surf the waves rather than social media 馃

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