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Freeljoy LLC

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8 years


English, English

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Xpert pole 1&2 certified, Elevated Pole 1 certified, Elevated Pole 2 certified, Elevated Flexibility certified. Floor flow teacher certified.

Hey, I’m Joy Hansen
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When I first started pole I was aching for an outlet as a depressed stay at home mom. The first class I took ended up being a disaster and made me cry! I was encouraged to try another class with a better teacher and got hooked. I committed to learn, teach and grow pole dancing in Utah so that no one will ever feel the way I felt that first class. My classes are special because I bring in the woo woo/metaphysical and somatic healing side of pole dance while offering safe space for each person to grow in themselves rather than what everyone else wants them to be. It's a different kind of pole dance class that is aimed at all levels and body types. Plan on being empowered!

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Pole Dance Class

Enjoy the freedom to explore your own capacity and potential in this unique Pole Dance Choreography class that brings in the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. We will start by warming up all the joints, learning 3-5 pole moves that can be combined into a routine, then we'll turn off the lights and dance it out with what we've learned. To wrap up the class, we'll stretch out the body before finishing up with some breathwork. All my classes include a metaphysical twist, so expect some woo woo stuff to help you play with moving and releasing emotional energy trapped within your body! Bring: An open mind, a water bottle, a pair of tight-fitting shorts/sports bra and baggy layers (sweat pants and socks) to keep up body temperature during warm-up and cool-downs.

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