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Mooon Bread

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5 years


English, Japanese

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Hey, I’m Jordan Davis (Yorudan)
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Teaching hands-on sourdough workshops in the mountains near Salt Lake City. Simple bread. Nutritious bread. Delicious bread. Naturally-leavened and fermented.

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Sourdough Workshop by Mooon Bread

Come learn how to bake the bread that is best for your health, the tastiest bread, the original bread. Get your own sourdough starter made, make dough that you will take home to bake bread or pizza, get hands on with all the steps to make excellent sourdough, and bake bread in class and enjoy with everybody. You'll go home with the instructions and experience needed to bake this fantastic sourdough for your friends and family for the rest of your life!

Sat, Apr 6 · 11:00 AM see more


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