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Andre Hoggan Studios

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3 years



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Bachelor of fine art from Idaho State University

Hey, I’m Andre Hoggan
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I grew up wanting to be an artist. My mom enrolled me in my first painting class at the age of nine with a group of grandmotherly ladies who encouraged my budding creativity. I started college with intentions to further my passion of painting. I soon developed a new appreciation for papermaking, metal casting, welding, weaving, and sculpture. My focus moved to sculpture and its many forms. I was especially drawn to the incorporation of textiles in my pieces. I am very excited to be in Salt Lake City and share my passion and experience in papermaking and weaving. I have spent the last twenty years working with a diverse group of artists. I look forward to interacting with uniquely creative people. I teach with a patient heart, kind intentions, and encouraging vibes.

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Papermaking workshop

Use natural fibers to transform raw materials into beautiful sheets of paper. Plunge your hands into vats of swirling fibers and then pull, couch and press to form your own unique pieces. Plan on creating about 12 sheets of paper in a two hour class. Papermaking can be messy! Be prepared to get your shoes wet! Come see what I am talking about in my textile workshop.

Tue, Nov 28 · 12:00 PM more options


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