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Hey, I’m Jeremie Paulus
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After two decades lost to addiction, Jeremie ventured globally in search of solace. Over four transformative years, he stumbled upon the potent synergy of breathwork and ice baths. These practices became his savior from trauma and addiction. Today, Jeremie channels his newfound purpose into empowering others, teaching them to harness their inner strength, transcend boundaries, and truly discover themselves.

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Breathing Cold: Transformational Breath and Ice Plunge Workshop

Mindset Training - Breathwork - Ice Plunge Harness the power of your breath, connect deeply with your true self, overcome your limitations, and share authentic connections with others in this 3-4 hour workshop. What's Included: -> Knowledge, instructions, and guidance on breath/ice -> A transformational BREATHING session -> An ICE BATH that will change your relationship to cold -> A FREE AUDIO FILE so that you can continue the practice after the workshop -> The chance to make CONNECTIONS WITH LIKE-MINDED NEW FRIENDS -> A MUST-SHARE PHOTO of you in the ice bath with earned bragging rights

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