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Lupine Loop - Gentle Hike with Incredible Views

Sat, Jul 20 路 5:30 AM MST

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5.0(1) Utah

Sourdough Workshop by Mooon Bread

Unlock the secrets of sourdough bread in this hands-on workshop that promises health, taste, and tradition. You'll learn how to bake the bread that is best for your health, the tastiest bread for your palate, the original bread our ancestors handcrafted in their kitchens with 3 simple ingredients. In this workshop, you'll learn to create your own sourdough starter, craft dough that you'll take home to bake bread or pizza, master every step of the baking process, and bake bread in class to enjoy with everybody. You'll go home with the instructions and experience needed to bake this fantastic sourdough bread from scratch for yourself and your friends and family to enjoy for the rest of your life!

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5.0(1) Utah

Smoothie Workshop by Whirled Juice

Come make smoothies and smoothie bowls together. Whirled Juice began as an idea of taking the smoothie from the US to Japan, but now has a broader vision of equipping all households to be able to craft healthy, nutritious, and most delicious smoothies and smoothie bowls right from home. After intros, we'll use the first half hour to discuss our background with smoothies and personal flavour combo favorites. Each guest is welcome to bring any ingredients or toppings they'd like to share with the group (e.g. bee pollen). We'll discuss some of the ingredient combos available for the day. For the next 45 minutes, we'll work on blending and then decorating our bowls. We'll also touch a bit on presentation and food photography. The final minutes of class we'll be relaxing while we enjoy our creations as we take in some music and scenery. Each guest will leave with a new level of wonder for natural and raw ingredients, from fruits and vegetables, to nuts and berries.

Mon, Jul 22 路 6:00 PM MST see more



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0.0(0) Berlin

Online Interactive Smoothie and Ice-cream Making Workshop

Interactive Virtual Smoothie and Ice-cream Making Class to Beat the Summer Heat! This summer, chill with your teams with our interactive online Smoothie and Ice Cream Making Workshop to break the ice with your colleagues. Choose to make refreshing Smoothie and Ice-creams with your teams. Pick from our menu: - Mango-Passion Smoothie 鈥 A tropical fusion bursting with mango and passion fruit flavors - Strawberry-Vanilla Smoothie 鈥 Enjoy a burst of summer sweetness with our Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie - Cacao-Date Smoothie 鈥 Rich cacao combined with sweet dates for a decadent treat - Fig Smoothie 鈥 Transport your team to a tropical paradise with our Fig Smoothie - Classic Chocolate Ice-cream 鈥 Rich and creamy chocolate indulgence for chocolate lovers - Vanilla Ice-cream 鈥 Smooth and velvety vanilla to brighten up your day - Strawberry Ice-cream 鈥 Fresh strawberries make a classic delightful pink treat

Sun, Jul 21 路 9:00 PM MST see more

5.0(1) USA

Ashes Into Beauty

Black & white painting, capturing warmth, light, feelings, and beauty all at once.

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Virtual Mocktail Making Workshop: Make Refreshing Drinks

We do take urgent and customized booking requests, please write to us. Revitalize Your Virtual Team: Elevate Team Spirit with a Refreshing Drink Making Workshop. Are you in search of a captivating and unique virtual team-building experience? Our Drink Making Workshop is the perfect option to enhance team bonding and bring an extra touch of excitement to your celebration. From Microsoft to Amazon - Top companies love our virtual team-building cocktail mixing classes. This virtual drink-making experience with easy-to-learn dance moves will inspire you to shake it up and move your body - It doesn't get any better than this! All customizations are possible. Perfect both for those who want to actively participate & those who only want to relax. Teams/Groups can choose up to 3 drinks from our special refreshing drinks menu: 1. Golden Ginger Ale 鈥 Blasting ginger notes with the golden color of turmeric 2. Spiced Lemonade 鈥 Tangy, sweet & sour - all in one 3. Sweet Lassi 鈥 The drink that

Sun, Jul 21 路 9:00 PM MST see more

0.0(0) Faro

Astrology Reading

Discover what the sky looked like at the time of your birth - how the planets were aligned, what dance and music were playing, and how the Sun and the Moon were positioned. We will start with Numerology and Human Design and continue with exploring your birth map. Learning the symbols in your birth chart for you to understand yourself better. We will find answers to your questions about this period of your life. My approach is a mix between Psychological and traditional Astrology. I am passionate about Astrology because it is such a powerful tool for self-knowledge and awareness of who we were even before birth. Astrology is a Remembering picture of our true essence.

Mon, Jul 22 路 12:00 PM MST see more