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How to Cartoon & Caricature the Face

Mon, Apr 15 · 2:30 PM EST

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How To Draw Anime Characters

The cool thing about Japanese animation (anime) is that it bridges the gap between realism and cartoon. Learn how to draw your own anime character in my 90-minute online class, both funny and educational. I will show you how to draw an anime head from different angles (front, side, back, three-quarters, looking up and looking down). You'll learn the difference between a male anime face and a female anime face. We'll cover how to draw expressions on the face, and how to draw hair. As an animator myself, I'll show you all the simple tips and tricks that I learned in Hollywood. My animated feature Hell Toupee (streaming on has been described as an American anime. If you think you can't draw, you'll be surprised what a little framework will do for your art. Try my online class. And don't be afraid to ask questions, I love questions!

Mon, Apr 15 · 1:00 PM EST see more



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I Want to Paint Your Dog (or Cat)

Celebrate your beloved dog (cat, parrot) with a unique and humorous painting that captures that special connection you share with them. It’s often the peculiar and amusing behavior, which might even seem irritating at times, that makes them so charming and lovable. As a seasoned fine art humorist, I’ll bring your pet‘s personality to life! Or, if you simply want a beautiful, colorful portrait, that’s all good as well. As I capture your pet's unique personality, it will bring endless smiles to your heart and home—your guests too. Don't miss this opportunity to immortalize your furry, or feathered friend.

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The Crew Patch

Collect your 1st EXPLORINGNOTBORING patch! Every new ENB patch represents an achievement. This patch is for living BOLDLY! For daring to be authentic, you black sheep, you. For seeking the less ordinary, excitement and wonder. For seeing the world, not for what it is, but what it can be. So, slap your new sticker somewhere meaningful. You've earned it. Where will you place your patch? Take a photo and share it with us on Instagram using #exploringnotboring Or don't. That's cool too! Surf the waves rather than social media 🤙

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Meet and Draw a Llama

Meet Cadbury the llama and learn how to draw llamas. Suitable for all drawing levels. We will be drawing together step by step, at your level. Practice your observational skills to notice what makes llamas unique. See how he moves, what he eats, and who his friends are. Learn interesting llamas facts. You will learn easy ways to draw a llama doing any activity imaginable!

Tue, Apr 16 · 9:00 AM EST see more


Meet and Draw the World's Cleverest Sheep

Beanie the sheep has a Grand Champion trick title and a World Record! You will travel (virtually) to Australia to meet him and his farm friends. Learn to draw sheep by following step-by-step instructions. Beanie is a Valais Blacknose sheep, which are known as the cutest sheep in the world. This is a fun activity to do with friends and co-workers.

Wed, Apr 17 · 5:00 PM EST see more