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Qualified in Holistic Medicine, Meditation and Mindfulness

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Hey, I’m Beccy Routledge
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Hello from beautiful Loch Lomond, Scotland. I'm a longtime host of sheep experiences and I’m passionate about raising Herdwick sheep with kindness. We have a busy family home where we grow food and keep hens for a sustainable, wholesome lifestyle. The sheep have become integral to this and they host in-person retreats and afternoon teas with appalling table manners! Professionally I work in holistic healthcare, specializing in treating anxiety and stress, and as a confidence coach for professional musicians, offering workshops at conservatories throughout the UK. I’ll be using my expertise and training to teach you relaxation techniques. My daughter Rivkah is a Wellness Specialist. She specializes in yoga, sound and meditation and is registered with the Yoga Alliance. She’s designed wellness concepts for leading gym chains, MSC, David Lloyd. Rivkah knows the sheep as foster-brothers and joins us in the barn when she can.

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LeaderSHEEP Workshop with Dougal

Dougal, the Herdwick sheep flock leader, shares tips for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion of all in the woolly gang with some de-stress techniques. " Yes, we really are all grinning at a sheep on a computer screen in the name of relaxing- never had a celebration as wild as this" YOU MAGAZINE In this unique professional development experience over Zoom, we explore effective, kind communication with your team inspired by the secret world of sheep who introduce the Jungian personality types. Beccy also shares de-stress techniques for balanced remote working. So, don't miss this opportunity for team building & bonding virtually in beautiful Scotland! This one-of-a-kind leadership training has over 1300 raving 5-Star reviews and has been featured in NY Times & Forbes. We use multiple cameras and lots of interaction to make it unforgettable.

Thu, Jul 11 · 2:00 PM see more


Sheepy Sleepover Wellness Retreat

Intimate 3-night retreat with a sheepy twist! Set in beautiful Loch Lomond National Park with spectacular Scottish mountains, your trips to hidden gems are planned for you, half board in a sweet holiday cottage next door to snoring sheep. Featured on BBC Scotland's Greatest Escape, celebrity rescue sheep (Forbes, Vogue, NY Times) host your afternoon tea, de-stress techniques. Beccy and Wellness Specialist Rivkah curate your breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, sound, and yoga. Relax in our hideaway nature escape, and learn to befriend cuddly, naughty Herwick sheep.

Fri, Jul 5 · 8:00 AM see more


Guided Meditation with Sleepy Sheep

Smile, Connect, Relax in a live "interactive podcast" with Fergus and Lochie the pet sheep, de-stress techniques and meditation all set in beautiful Scotland. "By the end it was impossible not to feel de-stressed; even one of the sheep had fallen asleep" NY TIMES Learn the secrets of a flock and look into the half-closed eyes of a contented snuggly sheep, then take a cue from these peaceful animals and learn some therapeutic breathing exercises to relax and virtually escape to the calm of the farm. Beccy or her yoga-instructor daughter, Rivkah, will lead a 15-minute mindful meditation- often the naughty boys join in! "You knew that counting sheep helps you sleep, but did you know meditating with them can be even more rejuvinating? Be prepared for an overload of cuteness and calmness!" VOGUE . 800+ Five star reviews

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