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Adaptogen Foundation

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10 years


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High Ranking Martial Artist - Four Years Vibravision Assistant Trainer

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Hey, I鈥檓 chris harris
5.0 Joined 21 Jun, 2024


With over a decade of training, I help students cultivate a deeper sense of purpose, flexibility, and clarity of mind, and achieve a higher state of consciousness while learning the breatholds and expressive moving meditations taught in the ancient Indonesian martial art of Merpati Putih. I began studying martial arts with MP-USA, an Indonesian martial arts school in Ogden, while experiencing a major life transition. During this sabbatical, I was living in my truck and studying martial arts full-time as my life found a new direction. Living a monk-ish existence, I was committed to the program as a grounds supervisor and custodian, fully immersed in the martial arts program. During Covid, the school pivoted to teaching only Vibravision (a program to expand your awareness beyond your 5 senses), and several of us were positioned as Assistant Instructors due to our experience, rank, and accomplishments in the Vibravision program. After three years of successful events, the team broke up, and I began the process of pioneering my own efforts to bring Indonesian "kebugaran" ("fitness" in Indonesian) to friends. In 2023, I took a trip to Indonesia to meet others involved in the martial arts and to train and learn new techniques from the original pioneers of these practices. I look forward to exploring the more accessible exercises with people who are curious and interested in the practice and applications, reaching a deeper connection to instinctual awareness, and developing a stronger sense of self and your Inner Power or "Tenaga Dalam" in Indonesian.

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Kebugaran - Energy & Instinct Training

See without your eyes, detect objects in the distance while blindfolded, and break steel with your bare hands, these are some of the capabilities of highly skilled practitioners of Kebugaran. "Kebugaran" is Indonesian for "Fitness" and it's used to harness potential and increase stamina. Kebugaran exercises are used to develop a deep sense of personal awareness and our connection to the world around us. It's practiced by the Indonesian Special Forces and has been responsible for several world records, including the longest drive blindfolded (Jokjakarta to Jakarta). During this class, you can expect to learn new things about your breath and gain a new avenue to deep meditation and self-awareness. The exercise practice has been shown to increase decision-making ability, quicken reaction times, and create a strong connection with your intuition and perceptive power. Basically, join me to enhance your common everyday superpowers.

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Shaggy Eells

19 Jul, 2024

Kebugaran - Energy & Instinct Training:

5.0 Chris is the best!

Chris is a great guy, I met him at 1 Million Cups and loved hearing about the electric car project that he鈥檚 been working on. Any experience with Chris is a fun one!


Tosh Swain

28 Jun, 2024

Kebugaran - Energy & Instinct Training:

5.0 ENB 鉂わ笍's Chris!

We met Chris several months ago at an SLC business event called 1 Million Cups, as the guy building an electric vehicle. Come to find out, he's also an expert martial artist, specializing in energy & instinct training. And he's also knowledgable about wellness techniques, tonics, and plants. He's such a cool and multifaceted guy. Chris is genuine, caring, vibey and authentic. You can feel his positive energy from across the room. That's why we know you'll love learning from Chris in a multitude of ways and we're stoked to partner with him here on ENB 馃