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The RockHopper Fund

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13 years



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Master of Science - Marine Biology, Registered Tour Guide, Commercial Diver

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Hey, I’m Justin Blake
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After completing my Master’s degree in marine biology, I realised that there was limited funding available to accelerate scientific research and critical conservation actions. I established the RockHopper fund NGO and began my journey as an entrepreneurial shark scientist. I combine my scientific, water and film skills on Blue Chip projects from Apple TV, Netflix, BBC’s Planet Earth III and Netflix Oceans. I use simple, thought-provoking stories in virtual and in-person Experiences to enable science and tourism to generate funds that spearhead research, outreach and conservation job creation in support of smart marine reserves. I believe that storytelling can change the way we connect with and understand nature. The ocean has a treasure chest of stories just waiting to be shared. Spending time with the creatures who call the ocean home enables us to realise - there's no gap between our world and theirs. I'm a scientist who shares my learnings with people through storytelling, one RockHopper experience at a time.

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