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Mr Treasure Hunt

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21 years



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Hey, I’m Daniel Kleiber
0.0 Joined 10 Oct, 2022


For 0ver 20 years, I have been creating and running exciting team-building treasure hunts all over the San Francisco Bay Area. We now have incorporated Augmented Reality into our events to enhance the user experience.

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San Francisco Golden Gate Park Treasure Hunt!

One of the city’s most popular and famous locations is Golden Gate Park! And for good reason! It’s beautiful and filled with hidden treasures from the city’s historic and cultural past. If you’re looking for a fun treasure hunt with friends, family, or team-building adventure in a “green” setting, then the Golden Gate Park Adventure is for you! Solve fun and challenging clues as you explore the Park!

Tue, Jun 25 · 3:00 PM see more


Mr Treasure Hunt Online Treasure Hunt

Solve fun and challenging clues which will lead your team all over the world. Use Google Street View to get solutions to questions in each clue to prove you solved it. Use all the resources you like and do the event on your own or with a team!

Tue, Jun 25 · 5:00 PM see more


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