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As a fine art humorist, it is my joy and passion to create the most compelling imagery and infuse it with my humor. I found that doing pretty paintings left me empty. And doing cartoons was very unsatisfying, artistically. Starting out, I used my creativity in advertising to sell someone else’s products. OK, I won a Clio, the Oscar of advertising. Later, I became a freelance humorous illustrator, but even after creating for IBM & Qantas, it was still my creativity doing the same thing. And after exhibiting at 400+ art festivals and receiving numerous awards plus owning 2 wonderful humor galleries in CA., I needed to do work that filled me up with satisfaction. And so, the thing that gives me the most joy is creating humorous dog (cat) commissions for you, who loves your dog, sooooo much. The appreciation I receive is overwhelming.

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I Want to Paint Your Dog (or Cat)

Celebrate your beloved dog (cat, parrot) with a unique and humorous painting that captures that special connection you share with them. It’s often the peculiar and amusing behavior, which might even seem irritating at times, that makes them so charming and lovable. As a seasoned fine art humorist, I’ll bring your pet‘s personality to life! Or, if you simply want a beautiful, colorful portrait, that’s all good as well. As I capture your pet's unique personality, it will bring endless smiles to your heart and home—your guests too. Don't miss this opportunity to immortalize your furry, or feathered friend.

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