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As an historian, studying 2.5 million years of human history has revealed the power of community, and our creative potential when we come together to collaborate. My motto is "teamwork makes the dream work," and I have a passion for creative spaces that bring people together and inspire us to create a life we love! From paint nights to kickbacks, field days to scavenger hunts, cooking classes to star tours, having fun together strengthens our local and global community.

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Online Beekeeping Class

This is used for testing purposes only. But that doesn't mean we don't have some bees up our sleeves! Our Experience Partner, Marvin Jordana, offers a seasonal experience with honey bees that is 1000% better than this test listing ever could be. Stay tuned for Honey Bee Therapy coming soon! You'll have the opportunity to join Marvin in a sacred realm where you’ll transcend the facts about bees and discover how to connect with the complexity of nature. Safety First: Marvin will cover rules of engagement and teach you how to co-exist with these fuzzy pollinators by respectfully entering their hive in order to observe the inner workings of the colony. Moving slowly, the group will do a brief breathing exercise to quiet the mind. You’ll learn about the bees' life cycle, different roles in the hive, their fascinating social structure and ways of communicating through dance, sound and pheromones. You may even meet the Queen and feed the bees honey. See Ticket Info below for more deets!

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Online Beekeeping Class: It started with an Adventure Jar and evolved into the world’s first-ever community Adventure Jar. is an online marketplace for unique, original experiences handcrafted by local experts. For their local communities. For the explorers


20 May, 2023