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Criminal Minds, Crime Signs in Handwriting

Tue, Jun 25 · 1:00 PM EST

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What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Find out how your personality and approach to life reveals itself in the size, slant, and shape of your writing. This is a unique chance to learn about the secrets of handwriting with a friendly, helpful, and experienced graphologist. You'll discover what each element means so you can understand yourself and others better, and enjoy a quick analysis of what your writing says about you.

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Criminal Minds, Crime Signs in Handwriting

Red flags in handwriting point to psychopathic tendencies, potential violence, and an amoral mindset. Find out what the main primary indicators of dangerousness look like in writing, looking at real samples of criminals' script. And meanwhile, check out your own writing and make sure you don't have any of these!

Tue, Jun 25 · 1:00 PM EST see more

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